The Beginning

The past couple months have been truly eye opening. From a full time employee at one of the most popular clothing companies in New York to a full time photographer, the journey has been a blessing and quite interesting.

Here’s how it all came together. A very good friend of mine, who is also a talented videographer and photographer, had been reaching out to me for a while asking me to take on some projects he had lined up simply because he needed more hands. At the time I was still a full time employee and I had a responsibility to that company. Before that, the idea of returning to freelancing was still in the back of my mind. I knew that if I didn't make that move soon, I would eventually become a victim to "regret". So what did I do? I told my friend, "YES!". Everything changed after that... The work started to come in and I needed to make a decision. Once I made it, I haven't looked back. Time to keep working!

Below are some exciting projects I worked on recently:


Gear Used: Contax g2 / Yashica T3


New Balance

Gear Used: Mamiya 7


So there it is! Thank you for reading